Filming GE’s Digital Hydro Plant

We are excited to share GE’s Digital Hydro Plant video in which we had the pleasure of filming for our client, Mountain View Group. It was wonderful to work with Simon Umlauf, the producer on site, whose passion for getting the shots in the safest way possible matched well with our standard of being responsible drone operators.

The project was shot in two locations: Wanapum Dam near Vantage, Washington and Rocky Reach Dam near Wenatchee, Washington. The aerial footage was taken with the Inspire 1 drone and the X3 camera. Handheld footage was taken on the Osmo gimbal with the X5R as well as the Sony A7SII Mirrorless camera. Post production was provided by Mountain View Group.

It is always rewarding to see the finished product. Check out the video below and see the exciting innovations GE is working on in hydro technology.

GE’s Digital Hydro Plant | Behind the Scenes

Photos provided by Simon Umlauf

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