About Fly View Aerial

Fly View Aerial is a video and photo production company specializing in creating aerial and stock content. Fly View operates locally in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast including Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, San Francisco & Los Angeles California, Phoenix Arizona, Salt Lake City Utah, Boise Idaho.

Fly View Aerial represents creative professionals located in the Pacific Northwest that strive to bring you unparalleled products and imagery in the creative and corporate industries.

The core of the Fly View Aerial team is Jonny Long, Meilani Long, Joseph Long, and Shaun Wilkens.

Fly View Aerial has multiple crews to handle a wide range of services including:

  • Aerial Video Services
  • UAV Octocopter rental
  • Octocopter Aerial Videography
  • Drone Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Photography Services
  • Real Estate Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Land Surveys
  • Aerial Inspections
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Video Production Services
  • Director/DP
  • Corporate Video
  • Stock Video
  • Event Video
  • Photo Services
  • Advertising Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Stock Photography
  • Event Photography

Canada and International Work

For operations in Canada we operate under the name Kaspi Films. Based in the province of Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, Kaspi Films is ready to take on Canadian based drone aerial projects.